Why Your Support Matters

About Ronald McDonald House 

Ronald McDonald House is owned and operated by Ronald McDonald House Newfoundland and Labrador Inc., a registered Canadian charity. The house is a two story structure with 17,000 square feet of living space, with a design that can accommodate future expansion should the demand warrant it.

Keeping Families Close

There is nothing more devastating and unsettling for a family to endure than the suffering or illness of a loved one – especially if that loved one is a child.

Despite access to some of the very best medical facilities, the emotional and financial burden that families face with the treatment of sick children can be stressful and overwhelming. Ronald McDonald House is a place where families are stronger because they are together.

Since opening in September 2012, Ronald McDonald House has provided accommodations to more than 1400 families with a sick or injured child travelling to St. John’s for medical reasons.


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